Victory Teens: (Youth & Educational Ministry)


Victory Teens Club is a Church founded ministry model whose aim is to advocacy for the girl child. The club was established on Saturday 25th day of August 2012 mainly to empower young girls who are the main victims of rape and sexual assault because the vice in Uganda and our community of Koro Abili remains wide spread. 2/3 of the children girls between 10-16 years report that they are forced to elope with men or get married prematurely due to pressure from their guardians. A community where there is no state run shelter for victims of gender based violence, children in this situation have no choice but to accept cultural mediation and stay follow orders from elderly people’s advice in spite of the danger because they have no viable means of supporting themselves.

Under age children are therefore stripped of their right for education and being free from forced marriages and to equal protection of the law because the major perpetrators are parents, guardians and law state agents

Around May 15, 2012 our community of Koro Abwoch parish was robed when a series of young girls were kidnapped, raped, defiled, left pregnant and others were initiated in underage witchcraft marriage rituals. Worst of all; we are uncertain about their HIV/AIDS sero status. The school going girls of twelve to seventeen years were academically promising to their guardians, parents and the community because of their outstanding school performance.

New Foundation Community Church, with a mission of reaching to traumatized people in the communities of Koro and Awach Sub County got alarmed with this injustice against young girls and decided to mobilizing other community stakeholder who have a similar burden to join us, while we take the lead to fight against this remote sex slavery, rape, defilement, forced early marriage, high risk sexual behaviors and other vices against girls as we advocate rescue and restoration of hope among victims and help them experience the healing power and grace of God.


To build a strong literate girls’ club of typical Christian characters with Excellency in our society


To use Christian principles to guide and empower young girls through education support, psychosocial and spiritual counseling, rights protection and promotion, economic strength and literacy advocacy

Core values

High morals, Parenting, Equality, Education, Faithfulness and love

There are other values club members subscribe to promote are:

Fellowship, Abstinence, Wellness, Integrity, Caring and Support.


August 2012, the New Foundation Community Church called and mobilized the young people of whom the majority were school young girls and child mothers at the age of 11 – 25 years for a focus group discussion on the challenges faced by school young girls and child mothers that hinder them from reaching their desired goal and destiny of literacy.

This discussion was called to find out ways of arresting the difficult period of teenage where most girls are raped and defiled on subjecting them to other forms of injustices. However, we discovered that, there were major challenges which need to be address and they are:

  • Neglect of children by their parents and lack of family planning by parents who end up producing children they cannot support
  • Poverty: insufficient economic strength to satisfy their needs and these forces young girls to elope and go cheaply to get what is lacking at home.
  • The community lack social cooperate sense of responsibility to care for children and safeguard girls from social evils which, has given more room for defilement and perpetrators to abort justice.
  • Community social evils and satanic power influences such as witchcrafts and girls marriage rituals.
  • Illiteracy and ignorance: poor family educational background has made parents and guardians not to value girl’s child education and so they consider it myth that girls don’t deserve much attention for education.
  • Lack of established system and support groups that addresses girl child related problems in the community.
  • Unsupportive peer groups and poor parental guidance.
  • And among others include orphans due to HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, disability, workload at home, indiscipline and too much right and freedom the law of Uganda gives children.
  • Bad entertainment opportunities like video club which operate without limitation

The needs for partnership

We therefore invite individuals or organizations to join hands with this club to fight these vices which are not only undermining our culture and tradition but also breaking the future of our motherland Uganda.