Christian Development Fellowship

The Christian Development Fellowship is a church founded unifying holistic spiritual vision of NFCM aimed at the strengthening our community and challenging our church to be more effective in showing the world  God’s character and love the people we are evangelizing and discipling.

However the institutional church should do relief inside and around the community but development and social reform be left to the organic church (people who have

Lk 4:12-18, Isaiah 42:1-2 most Christians knows that Jesus came to bring forgiveness and grace but less is known in the bible that a true experienced of the grace of Jesus Christ inevitably motivates a man or woman to seek justice in the world. If a church is full of members with social concern for their life then this would affect how they spend their money, carry out their carriers, the way they choose and live in their neighborhoods and who they seek to be their friends; as a result most of the members would poses the spirit of volunteerism.

CDF Objectives

  1. Love our community and rebuild it to the health of vibrancy.
  2. To discover the needs in our locality, seek to change conditions and factors which lead to dependence.
  3. To listen to our leaders in making our community be a better and safe place to live in.
  4. To strengthen the SOM programs of education, public Health, FSP, teaching, training and trauma counseling.
  5. To share our resources through giving of sustained attention to helpless people, poor and marginalized Psalms 41.


Our goal is not to give perfunctory help but improve the entire situation through walking the process of achieving financial self-sustained including finding jobs, learning to deal with:

  1. Relief ( Lk. 10:30-35 direct aid to deal with the immediate physical, material or economic need.
  2. Development: Providing people what they need to move beyond dependency on relief Duet 15:13-14 by providing education, training, job search skills, financial counseling and business
  3. Social reform: seeking to change condition and factors that lead to dependence and stop such violence.

MOTTO: “ We purpose to break the fang of the wicked and make him drop the victims Job 29:17”

Target groups:

  1. People, who are poor, marginalized and have been robbed of their ability to make choices of education, water, protection from abuse, medical care especially victims of HIV/AIDS.

Sustainability Project: Local income generating projects through NFCM where communities are introduced to financial literacy programs taught skills and supported with financial micro finance capital to do business for economic strength through its financial arm Climax Micro finance Limited. Climax Micro finance Limited provides the beneficiaries with revolving loans and follows up on any client developments. Currently Climax Micro finance Limited operates with 405 clients in Lagutu, Acoyo, Olony, Koro, Pugwiny, Opong, Palega, Awat-lela and Lajwartek villages.