About NFCM


The purpose of our apostolic organization is to build a mission team that can proclaim the gospel, make disciples, plant, establish, equip and strengthen local church leadership; Support the Holistic Christian body of Christ; we provide accountability for the churches and their leaders, ensure they theologically stay true to the gospel through provision of sound doctrine and teaching, and help the local churches not only in prayer but also provide care and support for those traumatized. As a mission team we study the needs of particular communities and build a corroborative sustainable solution through an organic approach.

NFCM supports the congregations that are inspired by the Holy Spirit, elect their Elders, Pastors, Deacons, Ushers and Volunteers; utilizing their gifts to serve in every aspect of life for the beauty which displays the Lord’s glory. All property and assets are owned by the congregation and held in the corporate name.